First of all I would like to say thank you for me new followers,welcome to my life:)Hello Day 3! Its a new day,new beginning,no gambling.Yesterday I had an amazing day,Im trying to keep myself busy and Im just realizing there are so many great things out in the world.Life is not about sitting on your phone and trying to fool yourself you can win money..Making yourself depressed ,turning your back to friends and family.Because you feel so exhausted and angry ..you dont want to talk to no one.You put all your energy trying to win back the money you have lost.One of the reason its hard to stop playing..cause you left yourself in debt.And we are worried how can we clear it off.And our brain is constantly telling for us play and you will win.To be honest to myself yes Im thinking about it right now too..But its all about a strong decision.And I truly believe in myself that I can do.I want to be clear I want to enjoy my life I dont want the stress anymore.I dont want the money..which in the end it wouldt be yours anyway..only the gambling sites will win.You remain with the fear.So here Im today in my beginning of my journey,I know the road is long..But Im feeling still positive and happy and most of all proud of myself.We can do it!

“Moreover, just like other addictions, a gambling addiction will not go away by itself. No matter how much you want or hope that it will pass if you ignore it, the reality is that a gambling addiction is an illness of the brain that requires treatment.””It is hard to admit that any pattern of behaviour is no longer in your control. It is the same for gambling as it is for drinking or drug taking. Those affected may not want to admit to having a problem because they fear it will make them look weak. They may be embarrassed that they have allowed themselves to get to this point and would rather pretend that everything is okay than face up to the truth.”some interesting facts.Im so happy that Im out here and trying to fight my battle:)

Its my 2nd day without gambling,I can already say it that Im proud of myself:)Yesterday I shared my process with some of my friends..talking about it its the first step for the recovery.Realizing that I need support and not being afraid to talk about it.The mornings are usually the hardest time as I had my morning coffee ,cigarette and gambling habit.Next plan to get rid of the cigarette too..but for now im dealing with one problem at a time:)so hello day 2:)